STATEMENT OF WARRANTY
                                     MANUFACTURER’S OBLIGATION

 To take advantage of the warranty, any alleged defective unit must be brought to the attention of Klinger Trailer, LLC within six months from the date of  trailer  purchase. The obligation of Klinger Trailer, LLC under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing, at it’s option, any part or parts which upon examination are deemed defective due to defective material or workmanship.  All warranty work will be done by Klinger Trailer, LLC at their shop. All transportation costs to Klinger Trailer’s shop are the responsibility of the customer.

 This warranty does not cover normal wear of parts or damage resulting from negligent use, overloading or misuse other than which it was designed for.  Warranty does not cover rust, failure to grease your pins, not greasing your axles which could cause damage from negligent. Any altering of the weight distribution of the trailer could cause damage to the trailer and would void this warranty.   The warranty does not cover if your bikes don’t fit the trailer. We tell each customer to measure their bike or bikes to make sure they fit our trailer size.  If you order any custom work like taller rails or taller stone guard and your bikes don’t fit, there is no replacement or returns. 


For best maintenance, We highly stress that the trailer should be stored indoors. To keep all aluminum looking like new you must wax it often.  All parts are water resistant (not water proof ) under normal weather conditions. We recommend washing your trailer often.  During winter months, trailer should be washed to remove road salt every time you use it and before storing it indoors to help prevent corrosion.   Only use the pins given to you by Klinger Trailer, LLC for locking the trailer frames together.  If you loss them please call and order more.   To reduce axle wear you must have the trailer in the down position wile not in use with or with out a load on the trailer. You must charge your batter daily for optimal use.  Add grease to the back pins, axles bearings and axle rubber boots as needed.  Check all lug nuts and bolts on winch every 1,000 miles or as needed.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE WINCH.  If the winch is over tighten you can rip the strap  off or even damage the winch and trailer. 


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